Simple Reactions
  Yield Processed Material   Raw Material (100)   Raw Material (100)
200 Sulfuric Acid Evaporite Deposits Atmospheric Gases
200 Silicon Diborite Evaporite Deposits Silicates
200 Ceramic Powder Evaporite Deposits Silicates
200 Carbon Polymers Hydrocarbons Silicates
200 Crystallite Alloy Cadmium Cobalt
200 Fernite Alloy Vanadium Scandium
200 Titanium Chromide Chromium Titanium
200 Rolled Tungsten Alloy Platinum Tungsten
200 Platinum Technite Platinum Technetium
200 Hexite Platinum Chromium
200 Solerium Caesium Chromium
200 Caesarium Cadmide Caesium Cadmium
200 Ferrorfluid Dysprosium Hafnium
200 Vanadium Hafnite Vanadium Hafnium
200 Hyperflurite Vanadium Promethium
200 Dysporite Dysprosium Mercury
200 Neo Mercurite Neodymium Mercury
200 Fluxed Condensates Neodymium Thulium
200 Prometium Promethium Cadmium
200 Thulium Hafnite Thulium Hafnium
200 Promethium Mercurite Promethium Mercury

Alchemy Reactions

  Yield Reaction / Unrefined Material   Raw Material (100)   Raw Material (100)*
20 Caesarium Cadmide Scandium Cadmium (10)
20 Crystallite Alloy Silicates Cobalt (10)
40 Dysporite Cadmium Mercury (5)
20 Fernite Alloy Hydrocarbons Scandium (10)
40 Ferrorfluid Cadmium Hafnium (5)
40 Fluxed Condensates Vanadium Platinum (100)
20 Hexite Evaporite Deposits Atmospheric Gases (100)
40 Hyperflurite Chromium Vanadium (5)
40 Neo Mercurite Platinum Mercury (5)
20 Platinum Technite Cobalt Platinum (10)
40 Promethium Mercurite Chromium Mercury (5)
40 Prometium Chromium Cadmium (5)
20 Rolled Tungsten Alloy Atmospheric Gases Tungsten (10)
20 Solerium Scandium Chromium (10)
40 Thulium Hafnite Vanadium Hafnium (5)
20 Titanium Chromide Evaporite Deposits Titanium (10)
20 Vanadium Hafnite Titanium Vanadium (10)
* Each reaction yields 1 unrefined material per hour. When the unrefined material is reprocessed it refines into the processed material in the amount listed in the "Yield" column. For each reaction 100 units of both raw materials need to be input, but most of the second raw material is returned when the unrefined material is reprocessed. For example, unrefined dysporite is reprocessed into 40 dysporite and 95 mercury. All of the cadmium and 5 of the mercury are consumed in the alchemy process, therefore the actual raw material cost of unrefined dysporite is 100 cadmium and 5 mercury. The actual post-reprocessing raw material cost is indicated in brackets after the raw material name. In some alchemy reactions such as unrefined hexite & fluxed condensates, all raw materials are consumed. Actual yield is based on the character's refining skills and the refinery taxes at the station. All alchemy reactions are performed in a simple reactor. Pro-tip: since the output of alchemy reactions is 1 unrefined material per hour which weighs 1 m3 per unit, use a coupling array instead of a silo to save CPU at your POS.

Complex Reactions

  Yield Reaction / Advanced Material   Raw Material (100)   Raw Material (100)
10,000 Tungsten Carbide Sulfuric Acid Rolled Tungsten Alloy
10,000 Titanium Carbide Silicon Diborite Titanium Chromide
10,000 Fernite Carbide Ceramic Powder Fernite Alloy
10,000 Crystallite Carbide Carbon Polymers Crystallite Alloy
6000 Sylramic Fibers Hexite Ceramic Powder
3000 Fullerides Platinum Technite Carbon Polymers
300 Nonlinear Metamaterials Titanium Chromide Ferrofluid
300 Photonic Metamaterials Crystallite Alloy Thulium Hafnite
300 Plasmonic Metamaterials Fernite Alloy Neo Mercurite
300 Terahertz Metamaterials Rolled Tungsten Alloy Promethium Mercurite
2200 Phenolic Composites Vanadium Hafnite Caesarium Cadmide
      Silicon Diborite    
1500 Nanotransistors Neo Mercurite Platinum Technite
      Sulfuric Acid    
750 Hypersynaptic Fibers Vanadium Hafnite Dysporite
400 Ferrogel Prometium Ferrofluid
      Hyperflurite Hexite
200 Fermionic Condensates Prometium Dysporite
      Fluxed Condensates Caesarium Cadmide